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We Package, Catalog & Promote Artists

Package My Project (PMP), in conjunction with the DigBoogie artists promotion catalog, offers strategically designed artists promotion packages that provide options to promote and generate revenue from new music releases. Packages include digital press kit websites (DPKs) with options, DPK flyers and download cards. Guaranteed a great option for promoting your single, mixtape or album. Cost efficient and effective. Packages start at *$249.95.

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.: Promotional Products

Download Cards

Quick access download cards. (Scan. Listen. Download.)

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*FREE Promo Webpage (DPK)

Digital Press Kit Style Mobile Webpage.

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DPK Flyers

Digital Press Kit on a flyer w/video promo.

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Need To Re-Order Promotional Products?

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Prices start at $150. Minimum quantity is 500 (cards or flyers). Standard 7 to 10 business day turnaround.